This is where I’ll post .pdfs or links to pieces I think are worth reading. Enjoy and share.


no future by paolo do
who will build the ark? by mike davis
racism, a passion from above by jacques ranciere
the class of 2010: economic prospects for young adults in the recession by the economic policy institute
hipster: the dead end of western civilization by douglas haddow
conservatism as counterrevolution by corey robin ”
schizo-economy by bifo
men explain things to me by rebecca solnit
reading the imperceptible tremors of an unimaginable future by mark fisher


on self-alteration by stathis gourgouris
the temptation of jesus by jeanette winterson
union of arsonist: the flammable estates of the rich and class war fires of liberation
up in the air by slavoj zizek
the coming insurrection by the invisible committee
the courage of the present by alain badiou, translated by alberto toscano
after the fall communiqués
turbulence issue 5

sex, relationships, and other forms of play

for a world without moral order by gilles dauvé
permanent daylight: on women, body image and capitalism by anwyn crawford
the boyfriend myth by sady doyle
fear of flesh: an anatomy of modern frigidity by laurie penny
negate politics // affirm cuteness

the multiversity

the privatization of the general intellect by christian marrazi
painting the glass house black by evan calder williams
university struggles at the end of the edu-deal by george caffentzis
the human capital strategy by morgan adamson
edufactory journal zero issue


the destructive character by walter benjamin
against school by john taylor gatto
which anarchism? by nina power
who’s afraid of hegelian wolves? by catherine malabou
general intellect by paolo virno
the italian difference: between nihilism and biopolitics ed. by lorenzo chiesa and alberto toscano
a war of juxtaposition by malcolm harris (me)


why look at animals? by john berger
becoming common: precarization constituting the political by isabell lorey, translated by aileen derieg
existencilism by banksy
fifteen theses on contemporary art by alain badiou
why work? by liam gillick