(What I imagine is not a very large) public service announcement

As much as I’ve become attached to it, this blog is no longer the only home for my writing. I was lucky enough to land a job at Shareable, a web magazine that publishes some outstanding content. Plus they let me write about things like occupations. Additionally, I’m going to be contributing a regular (two/month) column to The New Inquiry. Rachel, Rob and everyone else there have started a great project, and I encourage people to go check it out. I’m not sure how these other commitments/opportunities are going to shape the way my writing is distributed on the interwebs, but I remain committed to maintaining this blog, at least as a place for my otherwise unpublishable thoughts.

Also, I have reformatted the ‘readings‘ sections with categories so that people will have some idea what they’re clicking on. After careful deliberation, those categories are: ohgodwearesofucked, orarewe, the multiversity, art, “sex, relationships, and other forms of play, and doxy! Go check them out, if only for the thrill of seeing things arranged into categories.