Hey I’m Mal, and this is my blog. By day (and very much by night as well) I’m a writer/editor for Shareable and the managing editor/columnist for The New Inquiry. I’m also on all the social media including twitter and tumblr. I’m a very textual guy.

The organizing principle for my content is pretty fungible, I’ll be writing about whatever I feel like. It will probably skew toward student power, ultra-left political theory, as well as Marxist readings of literature, films, and other art, but I honestly don’t know what I’ll be writing about in six months. I’ve also added a “readings” page that has .pdf’s and links to pieces I think people would enjoy/find useful as well as “listenings” and  “watchings” pages with audio and video respectively. Please feel free to send suggestions for readings or other communication to malcolmpharris@gmail.com.

Oh and as for IP stuff, fuck it. Property is theft and all that, so no licence or anything. Do whatever you want with any of this content. Excerpt it unflatteringly and make millions selling it as my tell-all memoir if you like. Best of luck.