“In August, an 18-year-old in Palm Coast, Fla., died after drinking Four Loko in combination with diet pills. The next month, a 20-year-old in Tallahassee started playing with a gun and fatally shot himself after drinking several cans of Four Loko over a number of hours … Finally yesterday, a year after it began reviewing whether energy drinks that combine alcohol and caffeine are safe or legal, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to take a stand on the drinks as early as tomorrow, according to law enforcement officials in several states … Four Loko is made by Chicago-based Phusion Projects. The company said yesterday that it is disappointed by the state’s plans, saying curbing alcohol abuse will not succeed by singling out a beverage category.”
Boston Globe

Maranthe smiled. There was some silence for thinking until Maranthe finally said, looking up and off to think: ”This U.S.A. type of person and desires appears to me like almost the classic, how do you say, utilitaire.
‘A French appliance?’
‘Comme on dit,’ Maranthe said, ‘utilitarienne. Maximize pleasure, minimize displeasure: result: what is good. This is the U.S.A.  … but precisely whose pleasure and whose pain, in this personality type’s equation of what is good?'”
– David Foster Wallace Infinite Jest