“‘Priests, professors, masters, you’re wrong to hand me over to justice. I’ve never been part of this race. I’ve never been a Christian: I’m of the race that sings under torture: I don’t understand the law: I’ve no moral sense, I’m a brute: you’re wrong…’
Yes, I’ve shut my eyes to your light. I’m a beast, a black.”

– Arthur Rimbaud “A Season in Hell”

“I open the Lamborghini hopin’ them crackers see me
Like look at that bastard Weezy
He’s a beast, he’s a dog, he’s a motherfucking problem.”

– Lil Wayne “A Milli”

Weezy is set to be released from Rikers early next month, despite being sent to solitary confinement for possession of contraband headphones. I wonder, did he ever contemplated using the Rimbaud/”We are not the same/I am a Martian” defense? Surely stranger things have worked.