– Congrats to 2010 MacArthur “Genius” Fellow David Simon, and in celebration, read Lorrie Moore’s (yes, that Lorrie Moore) fortuitously timed piece on The Wire‘s lasting significance in The New York Review of Books.

io9 has an excerpt from Cordelia Fine’s new book The Delusions of Gender about the myths of evolutionary psychology and gender difference.

– My beloved San Francisco Giants are, at time of writing, two games on top of the division with five to play. ESPN’s Jim Caple explains why that’s a big deal for us fans.

– Ryan at Muzzle of Bees posted a series of Nirvana songs from the BBC sessions (’89-’91) and they’re great, especially the extra snarly version of “Something In The Way.”

– If you read this blog but not Andrew O’Hehir’s film reviews at Salon, then I have not been doing my job. His new project is a shifting list of all the movies of 2010 ordered by quality, it’s a Netflix queue unto itself.

– Speaking of Netflix, if I had a tumblr, I would tumbl(e?) these gorgeous sans-serif covers for the two 1958 movies “Cop Hater” and “High School Hellcats,” but I don’t, so I’m putting them here just for aesthetic awesomeness. They’re also both streaming on Netflix now. That’s where the Netflix connection came from.

– I saw Entourage star Adrien Grenier’s HBO documentary Teenage Paparazzo, and with the possible exception of James Franco’s stint on General Hospital, is is the most meta thing that has ever existed. Its ending is either a saccharine cop-out, or the only possible honest result of what happens. The trailer doesn’t even begin to describe how many layers this film develops, but here it is anyway: