– Countdown to David Foster Wallace’s posthumous novel The Pale King: 6 months, 21 days.

– Via Book Porn, photographic evidence that I am not the only to make this mistake.

– Go download (fo’ free!) and listen to Tim Fite’s new album “under the table tennis.” Just do it, trust me.

– The inevitable has come to pass and Paradise Lost will be a 3D action movie. Just please god let Ed Norton play Satan, this is all I ask.

– Medical pot farmers in California join the Teamsters in what can only be a good sign for something.

– Filed under “things I assumed were too awesome to exist but then actually do,” Jacques Derrida’s interview with Jazz legend Ornette Coleman.

– Rana Sampson’s report for the Department of Justice’s on “Acquaintance Rape of College Students” is a fascinating read with a pretty thorough indictment of the way most campuses handle sexual assault.

– From the awesomely named HUH. magazine, Philadelphia artist Jayson Musson’s Super-Obama paintings: