– PowerPoint is a serious point of contention within the military, put me down as anti on both.

– Andrew O’Hehir reviews The Army of Crime, the French film based on a true story of a rag-tag anti-Nazi resistance group. It looks like The Bad News Bears mixed with Inglorious Bastards, which sounds pretty great.

– R.I.P. Satoshi Kon, who wrote a touching goodbye that is translated here. My favorite line: “And of course, even without anyone else telling me this, I do feel regret that my weird visions and ability to draw things in minute detail will be lost, but that can’t be helped.”

– Guess which Weeds protagonist has never smoked – the answer will probably make you sad.

– Could most intelligent aliens be robots? I really hope not.

– CEO’s who lay off workers get paid more, which means there must be a lot of well-paid CEO’s. Which there are.

The National Woman’s Party Office, 1919 via Women Reading