– Author Chris Adrian reads Donald Barthelme’s “The Indian Uprising,” it with New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman

– In the London Review of Books, Colm Tóibín reviews Clark Giuliani’s The Pope Is Not Gay! and gives a history of sexuality in the Catholic Church

Lot’s of different things to do with books, other than read them

– Hey college kids: get free condoms if you promise to distribute them to your friends!

– For all my fellow Brick fans, Rian Johnson’s new time-travel assassin flick Looper starts filming in January

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi reveals the back-room dealings behind the financial regulation legislation: “In public, the parties stage a show of bitter bipartisan stalemate. But when the cameras are off, they fuck like crazed weasels in heat

– Whole Foods parenting as a performance art

– And for your musical enjoyment, Morphine’s “Cure for Pain” Enjoy thinking about what would have happened if the saxophone had displaced the electric guitar within the hegemonic rock trio