From a Times story about an exonerated man who settled his wrongful-conviction case with the City of Long Beach for $7.95 million:

Lawyers also presented evidence that the police had offered Eddy Fink, a heroin addict and police informant, leniency in a grand theft conviction if he testified against Mr. Goldstein.

At the trial, Mr. Fink told the jury that Mr. Goldstein had confessed to the killing when the two men briefly shared a jail cell. Mr. Fink, who has since died, lied in court when asked if he had made any deal with the police before testifying, Mr. Litt said.

But Monte Machit, the Long Beach deputy attorney who defended the city in the case, said the police had not provided Mr. Fink “with any benefit in exchange for the information he offered.”

I have to admire the guy’s ambition. Becoming a police informant with the name “Eddy Fink” is as hard as breaking into the pro poker circuit player as “Cheater McGhee” or going through medical school called “Twitchy.”  But a calling is a calling…