– French booksellers find the first adult picture of Rimbaud, and I gotta say, dude looks kind of out of it (update via Todd: or is it the work of a “a crazy Rimbaldian forger?!”)

Jezebel has all the literary drinking games you could ever want

– A new dystopian novel is making serious waves in China – and it’s coming out in English next year, so I won’t need to learn Mandarin

– Apparently we all spent Snowpocalypse the same way, and nine months later, hospitals in the DMV are braced for a lot of babies

– The incomparable Rebecca Solnit has a heartbreaking diary from New Orleans in the London Review of Books

Mary Elizabeth Williams of Salon‘s Broadsheet fires what I have to assume is the first shot of the counter-backlash to the backlash in the penis-size wars

– The first piece of useful “To the Class of 2010” advice I’ve read – and a big fuck you to Richard Florida

– Maybe the saddest quote I’ve ever read, from the king of sad quotes

– And via Fuck Yeah Femmes, the poster speaks for itself: