– Russian photographer Oreg Victorovich’s pictures of the decomposing Soviet resort town Gagra are up at Wired’s Raw File blog.

– Ben Lewis argues in Prospect that contemporary art represents the death throes of the modernist project by comparing it to French rococo. A refreshingly deep analysis for a “contemporary art sucks” piece.

– More from the excellent Backdoor Broadcasting folks, Jean-Luc Nancy’s lecture “On Communism” from the London Critical Theory Summer School at the Birkbeck Center for the Humanities.

– A Rand Corporation paper (.pdf) of the possible effects of Proposition 19’s passage in California, including a projected price drop of up to 80 percent. Srsly.

– If you’ve ever wanted to stream an hour of non-stop anti-cop hip-hop (and who among us hasn’t?), Jonny at Good Records NYC has you covered.

– In other music news, my buds in Lion Turf have just released the album “Remedy Park” free to download on their site. And it’s banging, go grab it while you can.

– And finally, congrats to fellow Paly Viking (and Campanile alumni) Jeremy Lin who inked a contract with the Golden State Warriors. Here’s a highlight reel of Lin up against #1 NBA draft pick John Wall: