“If there’s anything that feminism has bequeathed to young women of means, it’s that power is their birthright.  Visit an American college campus on a Monday morning and you’ll find any number of amazingly ambitious and talented young women wielding their brain power, determined not to let anything — including a relationship with some needy, dependent man — get in their way.  Come back on a party night, and you’ll find many of these same girls (they stopped calling themselves “women” years ago) wielding their sexual power, dressed as provocatively as they dare, matching the guys drink for drink — and then hook-up for hook-up.”

This quote is from Nancy Bauer, chair of philosophy at Tufts, in her post at the NY Times philosophy blog The Stone about Lady Gage and female sexuality. I hate to be a nit-picker, but unless Bauer is writing about queer women – and she manages to get through a whole piece about Lady Gaga and sexuality without mentioning queers once – girls have always matched guys “hook-up for hook-up. Unlike drinking, which guys and gals can do independently, these hetero hook-ups require a member of each gender. Imagine the sensation you could cause with the headline “teenage girls now having as much sex as teenage boys!” If Chair Bauer is going to incite moral panic or perpetuate a bogus narrative about youth sexuality, she’ll have to do better than that.