– From Jeff Antebi’s photographs of Haiti in the new Paris Review.

– Google will now turn .pdf’s and images into text for free.

– Judith Butler refuses an award in Berlin with charges of homonationalism. Here’s Butler’s statements translated into English, a statement from the German queer people of color group SUSPECT, and a response from Jasbir Puar.

– There’s a bootleg recording going around of the Tom Waits/Bill Burroughs collaboration The Black Rider, clanky and groany enough even for the most demanding fans.

– Showing more judgment in film choice than in the proper response to widespread allegations of child sexual abuse, the Catholic Church blessed The Blues Brothers. John Belushi promptly ascended to Heaven.

– The SAT turns out to be racist in very interesting ways.

– A former university professor argues against punishing students for plagiarism.

– And for your listening pleasure, Kid Cudi’s first track off his second album, “Rev of Ev” live in Eugene below and/or you can download the studio track here.