– From K. Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant.

– Apparently someone at Sirius XM wanted to give me an unpaid internship based on what seems like a willful misreading of one of my columns.

– I’m incredibly happy to have stumbled across the young British writer Laurie Penny’s work. Check out her excellent piece “Fear of Flesh: An Anatomy of Modern Frigidity” in Mute Magazine, her post, “Youth politics and revolution,” and her blog Penny Red on the blog roll.

– A new joint-biography suggests Félix Guattari is owed a bit more credit for his part of Capitalism and Schizophrenia.

I will be joining Andrew Seal of The Valve in reading John Dos Passos’s U.S.A. trilogy, or at least the second and third volumes I haven’t read yet. A good read for anyone interested in histories of leftist organizing in America.

– Some scientists diagnosed Darth Vader with borderline personality disorder. What’s the DSM-IV diagnosis for scientists who diagnose fictional characters?

– Andrew O’Hehir is already calling Debra Granik’s Winter’s Bone the American film of the year and Rian Johnson’s Brick pops up in the review, which is good enough to sell me a ticket.

– And for your musical pleasure, “Way Down,” a song about falling in love with Satan by DJ duo N.a.S.a. with Barbie Hatch, the RZA, and John Frusciante. H/t to my brother Zach.