So I used to call this feature “Tab Dump” because it’s where I put all my tabs that I finish reading but for whatever reason can’t bear to just close. But now that I’ve got a new blog with a new look and such, I figured a new name was in order. So I’m calling it “Aggregate Supply” because it’s aggregation and a joke about Keynesian economics and … nevermind. It’s links of stuff I found interesting. Enjoy and share.

– Israel is really not helping itself out.

–  Charlie Jane Anders at IO9 wants to know, why steampunk and zombies? And what comes next?

– Peter Singer thinks you ought not have children, because it’s mean to the children.

– Mark Morford at the SF Chronicle thinks BP is just the one who got caught. (h/t Julia at of heart and mind)

– The best Barack Obama dark-secret theory ever.

– From PostSecret, too cute not to post: