So I wrote around 500 words about the Nina PowerJessica Valenti misunderstanding – because that’s what I think it is – before I realized that it was just a bad idea. Because I read one of each of their books this break, (I found them both fantastic and recommend them highly) I found myself doing the dude-who-reads-feminist-theory-and-then-tells-women-about-it thing. I’m trying not to do that any more. (For more on the phenomenon, check out Robin’s post about it on the SdS Womyn’s Caucus Blog.) Also, two young feminist bloggers arguing about stuff is something the media can’t get enough of and I didn’t want to contribute to the “cat-fight” discourse even if I called it for what it was. They’re both excellent writers and thinkers and everyone should read both of them. Framing them in terms of this sort of disagreement does a disservice to their writing. The people I was most impressed by were the commenters on Valenti’s blog who were well-informed and assumed the best of Power and Co. Anyone who can create that sort of forum on the internet is certainly doing something right. Anyway, if anyone wants to talk to me about how I generally agree with Power’s analysis but think American feminists like Valenti in their work around rape culture sets up a great foundation for radical anti-capitalist formulations, I would love to, but right now I’m going to shut up and listen for a bit. Thanks to Robin and all the other women in my life who keep me working on this stuff, I’d be much worse-off without you.