First, sorry for abandoning y’all, the last couple of weeks have been hectic but I’ll do better. For now I just want to make some points about Roman Polanski. There is no excuse for drugging and raping a thirteen year-old. There is no excuse for drugging and raping anyone. There is no excuse for drugging and/or raping anyone independently. Being very good at your job is not an excuse. Mike Tyson was a very good boxer, but he went to jail because he raped a woman. AND YOU CAN’T FUCKING DO THAT. I don’t know when child-rape became defensible again, but count me out. Not to mention, the guy’s a fugitive, it’s not like you can run away until the law forgets about you. Unless you’re rich and famous.
I want to make the point that Hollywood isn’t monolithic and there are surely still some actors and actresses who won’t defend a fugitive rapist, but it really is embarrassing for them. As my crush Jill Filipovic lists, the numbers are not encouraging. Here’s her list of Polanski supporters: Pedro Almodovar. Wes Anderson. Natalie Portman. Kristin Scott Thomas. Darren Aronofsky. Diane von Furstenberg. Julian Schnabel. Martin Scorsese. Tilda Swinton. Gael Garcia Bernal. Penelope Cruz. That makes me very sad. I mean, Darren Aronofsky? Really? I guess judging the person by the quality of their art is a bad idea. Thanks for reminding me, I guess.

The point I really want to make about the whole thing though is a thought experiment. Imagine that Roman Polanski is black. Now tell me how many years he would have been in prison as of today.