… is never something I thought I’d type. But still, if I were Taylor Swift, I’d find the next public event at which Kanye was speaking, then finagle my way backstage and get a mic and interrupt him. In fact, I’d do it like three or four times so he’d finally break down and scream to the Heavens, “I should have never fucked with Taylor Swift!” See how he likes it. Probably a lot because he really likes attention, but who cares? Would anyone get really mad if celebrities took themselves a little less seriously and started treating award shows like the jokes they are?
Of course there’s a gender angle to Kanye’s interruption, something tells me he would be less likely to grab the stage from Tim McGraw. But in general I have to say I’m in favor of more people running on stages and saying crazy shit. Sure, why not. She wasn’t accepting the PEN/Faulkner award or anything, it was the Video Music Awards. Music videos are now legitimizing shells for networks that mainly broadcast shows about formerly famous people and rich teenagers, it doesn’t matter. The only reason most of us knew they happened is because Kanye acted like a jackass. As for the president, spend more time talking trash about Max Baucus and less about things happening at the fucking Video Music Awards.
As for Kanye, in terms of both stage interruptions and music I’d rather listen to Big Baby Jesus: