Happy Labor Day weekend y’all, since I figure you’ll be in need of reading material, here are some tabs:

– My biggest question on this is in what kind of dire financial straits would you have to be if you were an Afghani-American to take this particular acting job? My mother has (rightly) banned me from using the term “Uncle Tom,” but damn.
– The Krugman piece everyone’s talking about, really good with the newest AdBusters issue. I’ll probably be writing more about neoclassical economics an my experience with college econ classes later this week.
– A really interesting (and short!) look at capitalism from the blog with my favorite name, Ads Without Products.
– Sometimes it’s like Ruben Bolling is in my head.
– At the beginning of every semester I get on a self-improvement kick and this year the plan (besides cutting down on cigarettes) is to go do interesting things in D.C. In that spirit I’ll be at the National Gallery at 4:30 tomorrow for a free showing of Jean-Pierre Melville’s Léon Morin, Priest. And Tuesday I’ll be at the Goethe-Institut for a preview showing of The Baader Meinhof Complex.
–  Tom Wolfe knows what really rich people are like and then he writes about it.
– The WSJ previews upcoming books, Philip Roth is a fucking machine.
– Lastly, a playmate kicks the crap out of Sean Hannity and his buddy by talking honestly about adolescent sexuality, it’s not something we hear argued a lot and she’s totally unselfconscious about it. Really impressive.