There’s apparently a forthcoming documentary on Sea Shepherd, the vigilante anti-whaling law enforcement pirates called At the Edge of the World. It looks fucking awesome, check out the trailer below:

Andrew O’Hehir, the smartest movie critic you’ve never read, thinks it’s awesome. He goes so far as to write, “If “At the Edge of the World” is an eco-fringe recruitment video, I can’t imagine a better one.” With such a controversial group, it’s good to hear about at least fair treatment. Not to mention the film looks beautiful and action-packed, while many documentaries get the first down, the action is usually a little tougher.
If you haven’t heard about Sea Shepherd, do yourself a favor and read this New Yorker piece. It’s a bit long as they tend to be, but I distinctly remember reading it when it came out in one Gov. 100 lecture. Anyway, fingers crossed this one makes it to E Street.