– In easy joke news, the former SS-member Pope Benedict XVI says concentration camps were “extreme symbols of evil,” to which he added “and the food was terrible.
– Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist – VT) finally does what I’ve been hoping for and starts talking to the people directly. Check out his new online show.
– The WSJ editorial board thinks it can fuck with Eliot Spitzer? Nah, he doesn’t play that.
–  When conservatives say ‘socialist,’ what do they really mean?
– Bash Back gets some halfway-decent press, h/t to Jake B.
– Via The Onion where someone apparently gets my sense of humor: Controversial Sabermetrician Posits That There Is No Such Thing As Baseball.
– Finally Penguin Book’s trailer for the new Pynchon book Inherent Vice which I probably won’t pick up until it’s in paperback because, as Pynchon puts it (and that is really his voice) “$27.95 … 27.95?!” But the trailer is awesome.