It’s about time that I give some credit (and linkage) to some bloggers I know rather than just the mainstream published bloggers. As with me, they’re out there hustling for hits, so help ’em out. If you read something and like it, post it to your facebook, give them some comments on the blog itself. Writing is an exercise in seeking approval, if you do approve, let us know.

– My friend (and comrade) Julia has a blogging fellowship at the Women’s Campaign Forum. Check out her first post here.
– For irreverent commentary on sex, society and even a little politics, point your browsers to Romantic Rhetoric.
– My man Russ (who’s working on net neutrality this summer, an issue close to all of our hearts) has a new blog and his first post is an intelligent and complex evaluation of The Hangover. It’s always hard to keep blogging momentum going, and hits and comments always help.

And now to the regular stuff:

– Ann Friedman at The American Prospect brings some much-needed class analysis to the Mommy Wars with “When Opting Out Isn’t An Option.”
Salon has a review of Alain de Botton’s new book about work which sounds like a good pick up.
– Chris Bowers points out that the biggest barrier to progressive change isn’t Republicans, it’s (some) Democrats.
– Louis Menard in the New Yorker questions the value of creative writing workshops.
– Good puff piece in the Times about getting addicted to good tv shows (I’m currently stuck on David Duchovny’s Californication).