– I’ve been meaning to link to the new blog Ecocomics for a while. It’s about the economics within comic books. Check out this utility analysis of Batman villain cooperation.
– If anyone has any papers on Adorno lying around, give this a try.
– Appropriate metaphor for Ross Douthat’s last inane column on abortion: “The way to end the debate about affirmative action is to put civil rights to a vote.”
– Huffington Post posted Richard Schiff’s (aka Toby Ziegler) speech to the Screen Actors Guild on the importance of preserving the integrity of the union. Love when my favorite actors have good politics.
Slate has a piece about J.D. Salinger’s possible unpublished work. The ethics of publishing works an author didn’t want published is an interesting topic – maybe for the next bull session feature? Get at me if you’re interested in participating.