Sorry I haven’t been on the tab game lately, so in repentance it’s extra large this time. Enjoy.

– Women do judge differently, and it’s a good thing.
– Oscar Grant’s murderer will face murder charges which wouldn’t be surprising if he weren’t a cop. Hoping for justice.
Salon has authors suggesting summer reading.
– Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist – VT) talks about the overwhelming logic for single-payer healthcare.
– Chris Hayes at The Nation writing about how we need more Alinsky tactics.
– Eliot Spitzer at Slate on how the economy is still fucked and will continue to be until we actually make something.
– Harassing Craigslist doesn’t prevent sex work, just makes it more dangerous.
– What’s the matter with frat culture?
– Jeff Sessions hates poor children of immigrant lesbians. Douche.
 – And some summer tunes. Embedded below is Mike Posner and The Brain Trust’s “Drug Dealer Girl” – not that any of my readers would ever do drugs, but it’s a hell of a tune. The way white-boy rap should sound. Best of all, you can get this song and his whole mixtape legally for free on the internets.