I’m actually in California right now visiting family and friends, so that’s why I’ve been blog-absent. However, Dr. George Tiller’s murder is important enough that I can’t stay away. The right to choice means nothing unless there are doctors willing to perform abortions. All the Supreme Court rulings in the world don’t help a woman in trouble if she doesn’t have a doctor. For many women in the Midwest, George Tiller was that doctor. He faced constant death threats, he had already been shot twice, he faced a political prosecution from the Kansas A.G. and despite it all, he never quit. Not only didn’t he quit, but he refused to apologize and he refused to withdraw from politics. Keep in mind that Dr. Tiller was protecting a right that most of the country (including the Supreme Court) agrees that women have. In return, he faced persecution. Let me be clear, Dr. Tiller’s murder was ultimately a crime of misogyny and patriarchy, he helped women make choices about their own bodies and for that he had to be stopped. The left does a good job talking in the abstract about the right to choose, but often has a problem defending doctors who do the job. I hope that’s done with now. Dr. Tiller died as a martyr for the cause of human rights after refusing to cede any ground to fanatics who think women don’t have the right to control their own bodies. Dr. Tiller’s family has shown enormous courage over the years by supporting him and ignoring the death threats. My thoughts are with them today and with the young woman who’s going to need Dr. Tiller tomorrow when he won’t be there. And for the person or people who did this, I’m sure you’ll be caught and imprisoned and that’s what should happen. I don’t think anyone deserves the death penalty and I hope you’re granted the grace that you failed to extend Dr. Tiller. What I think you will never understand is how much pain you have caused and will cause with this act of terrorism.