The conservative talk radio host Eric “Mancow” Muller decided to get waterboarded to demonstrate that it’s not torture. As the embedded video demonstrates, that’s not exactly what happens. Instead, he freaks the fuck out after around seven seconds and starts telling a story about how he almost drowned as a child. The guy looks shook. He says it’s way worse than he thought it would be and that it is “absolutely torture.” One could argue that the United States should use torture because it aids interrogations, one would be wrong both factually and morally, but it could be done. What I don’t see as arguable right now is “Did the U.S. torture?” What with the reports we have of interrogation procedures and the really scary shit Sy Hersh is saying, the picture is clearly painted. The debate on whether to torture is pretty lopsided, but not as off-balance as the debate over whether making someone feel like they’re drowning is torture. The more America sees what this procedure looks like, how a cocky radio host turns into a bowl of jelly, the more they’ll understand what’s been done in our name.