Via Ed Kilgore: The RNC is set to pass a resolution encouraging Republicans to call the Democratic Party the “Democrat Socialist Party.” Uh huh. Here is resolution sponsor Jeff Kent (seriously, there has to be a non-asshole with that name, I just haven’t found them yet)

There is nothing more important for our party than bringing the truth to bear on the Democrats’ march to socialism. Just like Ronald Reagan identifying the U.S.S.R. as the evil empire was the beginning of the end to Soviet domination, we believe the American people will reject socialism when they hear the truth about how the Democrats are bankrupting our country and destroying our freedom and liberties.

You know the political spectrum has changed when the Republicans have to drop “liberal” as an epithet and dust off “socialist.” Also, it just ain’t working. However, the Republicans aren’t actually as crazy as they sound on this one. According to the Rasmussen poll linked earlier, Democrats support capitalism over socialism, but only by nine percent. Thirty percent of Democrats think socialism is better and 31 percent aren’t sure. That’s a significant part of the Democratic party and a constituency that goes underrepresented. Matt Yglesias makes a good point that socialists have legitimate political parties all over Europe. Our political discourse could seriously benefit from an actual debate about capitalism if it’s taken seriously by both sides. My guess is that some of both the capitalists and socialists don’t have a sense of what those words mean. However, this kind of debate is not going to occur through name-calling. Watching the G.O.P. implode is pretty funny to watch, but if they want to have a debate about capitalism, at least 30 percent of Democrats say bring it on.