I want a law that says comedians aren’t allowed to share the stage with politicians unless everyone agrees to temporarily act like adults. The White House has (surprise surprise) distanced itself from Wanda Sykes and her routine at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (embedded below). Yeah, she made fun of Rush Limbaugh and his drug addiction and said he might have been involved in 9/11. Then, predictably, everyone freaks out and the White House pretends they’ve never heard of her. This is such a common political phenomenon that they did a West Wing episode about it. So here’s the deal, no more comedian apologies. You’re just not allowed to do it anymore. Nor are you responsible for what a comedian says. They’re entertainers, if you don’t like what they’re doing, don’t laugh. But it’s not like the White House didn’t know who Wanda Sykes was and it’s not like they didn’t know what kind of jokes she performs. Unoffensive comedians are also largely unfunny comedians, so politicians probably shouldn’t invite comedians to speak at events at which they don’t want to offend people. But if you do decide to invite a comedian, please don’t disavow them. Inviting someone to dinner and then disavowing them is cold.