… “Aw C, you’re not big.”
I played a hunch earlier and asked younger brother/Fresh Prince of Bel Air scholar Zach if there was ever an episode in which Carlton tried to be a gangster. Here’s what he said:

Yes, although it was a bet with Will as to whether or not Carlton could survive in the hood, he got carried away and wanted to continue selling fake Gucci bags for a living, until Aunt Vivian came to Jazz’s house and dragged him home

I knew that episode had to exist because I knew I’d seen this face before. I think Michael Steele was watching basic cable all afternoon after he lost his Senate race and found his current persona. They share the same desperate need to be liked and the same hapless outcomes. Not to mention the pro-business policy leanings.
They’re definitely both good for a laugh when they try to use slang: