Today’s the last day of my tenure at the National Family Planning and Reproductive  Health Association and my last day writing for our blog Family PlanIt. I’ve been with  NFPRHA for a year now and it’s been a fantastic experience and I’m proud of all we’ve  done over the past year. What this means for this blog, however, is that I will start  writing it again this summer. The next two weeks of my life will mostly be spent writing  papers, studying for finals or procrastinating on the papers and studying I have to do. I  don’t know if that’s going to mean more or less blogging, I guess time will tell. Stay  tuned.

 Also, anyone else remember this movie? I remember it being pretty terrifying,  something about a guy with hardware parts for eyes who kidnaps children? I think I  remember a book as well, but that might just be me remembering myself as a more  literate child than I was.