I generally try to stay away from Fox News bashing, mostly because it’s too easy, everyone already gets it and it often serves as a distraction from more macro issues of media framing. That said, this article about the Capitol climate action is a pathetic excuse for reporting. The thesis of the piece seems to be that it’s hilariously ironic that there was a global warming protest while it was fucking freezing outside. Yes, that’s kind of funny and we joked about it too yesterday, while trying not to freeze to death. But instead of framing the protest as a bunch of committed young people who showed up despite the freezing cold, intrepid Fox reporter Joseph Abrams claims that the cold weather debunks global warming. People seriously argue that, “It is not currently warm, therefore global warming does not exist.” His two quotes come from people’s writing, not from interviews. Clearly, Mr. Abrams thought it too cold to attend. A reporter from the Maryland Diamondback made it, but not Fox News. They do their reporting from their warm living rooms.