Something else I wanted to blog about this week was Kenneth Harbaugh’s Monday Times op-ed. In it he argues that elite universities like Columbia that kicked out R.O.T.C. during the sixties should allow them back on campus. He invokes the new spirit of service and compares the military to organizations like Teach for America. The difference between TfA and the military is that teachers under TfA go into impoverished areas and help underprivileged children and teenagers, while going into the military now means going into impoverished areas and shooting at underprivileged children and teenagers. Is it any wonder that students who have a choice would choose the former? Universities should be places of education, not predation. Harbaugh brings up Don’t Ask Don’t Tell just once in the article, even though it’s a major objection for those of up opposed. I think this will be somewhat of a moot point if President Obama comes through on his promise to toss DADT, but I don’t think this solves the problem. Setting up a military outpost in an educational/living area for young people scares the shit out of me. I think the Greeks have the right idea with their rule that cops can’t walk on university campuses. Ever. Even if people throw Molotovs at them.