Deborah Solomon is my favorite interviewer out there, and her weekly page in the Times Magazine is one of the first pages I turn to – at least when I used to have physical copies of the Times. Her interview with Felix Rohatyn this week piqued my interest. The dude sounds interesting and Solomon found a way to include in a one-page interview the new book he’s writing about the history of American infrastructure projects, his role is saving New York City from financial collapse, his time as U.S. ambassador to France, his feelings on the stimulus and his childhood story of escaping Nazis. My favorite part is his comments on business school students: 

Are you concerned about the number of students who have forsaken engineering for business school? 
They’ll go back to being engineers after they’ve discovered that business school doesn’t make them millions of dollars. They’ll see the stock market doesn’t do them much good, so they might as well do something constructive.

Nice. That’s a book I’ll have to check out.