Sorry I slacked off over night, I had a one-night battle with a stomach bug, but I’m good now.

Unlike the stimulus, which sucks worse today.

I’m so sick of “moderates” and “centrists” I could spit. The center between something that works and something that doesn’t work is something that doesn’t really work. People (especially senators) who think the right answer must be somewhere between what the two groups with actual beliefs are saying need a reality check. Team A has elite economists, a strong majority in both houses of Congress and an electoral mandate from the American people. Team B has a discredited philosophy and eight years of fucking up the country as badly as they possibly can. The “pragmatic” choice isn’t somewhere between those two options.

The whole pragmatist framing of the stimulus is ridiculous. I have no problem with Republicans having ideological objections to the stimulus. I have a problem with their ideology being wrong. Similarly, the Democrats are also not without ideology. The difference isn’t between pragmatic and ideological, it’s between correct and incorrect. Tax breaks to home- and car-buyers don’t belong in the stimulus. People who can afford a new home or car in this economic climate don’t need bailing out, it’s the families who don’t know how they’re going to pay their kids’ tuition that need help from the government.

The stimulus isn’t something that’s going to “work” or not. It will work for some people and not for others. The trick in making a good bill is ensuring that it works for the right people. With the Senate compromises, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Cutting money for education and health insurance subsidies for the unemployed is taking money away from the people who need it. The test of the bill is going to be whether it put enough money in the right hands, Republicans have an idea of who those people are (rich people) and Democrats have an idea as well (not rich people). Hopefully conference negotiations will improve it, but overall it doesn’t seem worth passing at this point.