Via Feministing is this video of married gay and lesbian couples and their families asking to keep their marriages: “Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce…

Of course there are lots of problems with this video and the concept of gay marriage in general. Most of the people in the video are white and look middle class and up. Videos like this are generally meant to make queer people less scary to “normal” straight people, which is some bullshit. Additionally, I’m not a real big fan of anyone asking nicely that their basic civil rights be respected. I was at the anti-Prop 8 protest in D.C. and it made me sick that people weren’t willing to march in the street because cops asked them not to.  

That said, those kids are fucking adorable. There’s something really messed up about telling anyone they aren’t allowed to be a family. I’ll never understand what makes some people think it’s okay to make others miserable because they are morally outraged at their consensual behavior. I can remember a time when I thought my aunts Laura and Tammy were legally married because they were my aunts. That’s who they were (and are) to me and everything else is crap. The two of them and their kids Oliver and Lucy (who are easily as cute as any of the kids in the video)  are my family. Anyone who says different gets beat up by my cute cousin and his wiffle-ball bat. We should be done asking.