…that Senator John Thune of South Dakota is a 12 year-old. Sure, he’s got a nice suit, but can anyone verify that he’s old enough to buy a pack of cigarettes? His continued demand that, instead of the stimulus, congress just give every American tax-payer $5,000 sounds like something a 5th-grader would come up with. It sounds really good in theory: $5,000 in everyone’s pocket! Everyone could go to Disney World! And ride all the roller coasters! They could all buy that awesome lego set that they’ve always wanted but that their moms said were too expensive! And lots of candy! $5,000!

And then they turn 13 and realize you can’t buy a job with a living wage for $5,000. You can’t buy infrastructure improvements or energy independence for $5,000. It may seem like a lot of money … if you judge prices in general by how much a pack of baseball cards costs. For the adults out there, I think we’ll hold on to the stimulus, thanks.