Cross-posted from Family PlanIt:

The Boston Globe had a great article in its magazine this weekend about comprehensive and even sex-positive sex education in Massachusetts. Most of the education the article focused on was outside of the classroom, in progressive churches or with outside educators. I really do recommend the article, it’s sufficiently long and gives a good survey of the modes of education.

Virtually no one will say sex is always bad, while no one at all will claim all sex is good. So it seems to me that the purpose of sex education beyond just facts is to help students find their boundaries about what constitutes “good” sex. For some students this is going to be not until marriage, for others it could be right now if they’re safe. The decision about when and when not to have sex should be a premeditated one for young adults.

The sad subtext of the Globe article is that, since parents have to seek out these programs, the students receiving this sort of education are probably the ones who least need it. Real sex educators should not have to huddle in the basements of liberal churches in order to teach healthy sexual behavior. These are the people we should put in front of every middle- and high-schooler in the country at taxpayer expense. It would be worth it.