The city of Birmingham (England, not Alabama) has banned apostrophes from its street signs. Seriously. Apparently the controversy caused by street names like King(‘)s(‘) Norton or Druid(‘s) Heath was too much for the city council to handle. I think it’s an innovative solution. A few years ago when editing my high school newspaper, I had many fights with fellow editors over the “boys basketball team.” I voted no apostrophe, as I believed the team belonged to the school at large and not simply the boys on the team. Instead, the team is comprised of boys. With a few years’ distance, it’s easy to see that no one ever gave a fuck except for us. And, apparently, John Richards, founder (and I’m guessing President, Treasurer and Secretary) of the Apostrophe Preservation Society. Richards told The Guardian that the decision was “defeatist.”  True, but no one cares.