This is never a good sign. Venezuela’s anti-occupation rhetoric has spilled out into an attack on a synagogue in the capital city Caracas. No one was injured, but attacks on synagogues, just like attacks on any religious buildings, worry me on a gut-level. Targeting religious minorities is usual a sign of much worse things to come. Mob violence is rarely a good thing (distinguished by popular uprisings I’ve alluded to in other posts) but when it targets minority groups, it doesn’t seem to stop. Venezuela’s government seems to be making the right noises, I particularly liked the foreign minister’s call for Venezuelans to, “to reject these actions, with the same moral force with which we reject the crimes committed against the Palestinian people.” Distinguishing between Jews that live as citizens in your country from the Israeli government is a big step in not looking like crazed neo-Nazis. And a good way for Chavez to separate his government from any other that calls for the elimination of the Jewish people.

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