When when when will we stop trying to be friends with Republicans.  As expected, the stimulus package passed today. Also as expected, it received no Republican votes. It never does. Compromises only work if there’s actually, you know, a compromise. Which means they give us something as a kind of trade. Like votes. If we give them stuff and we don’t get anything, that’s called getting punked. We gave away tax cuts and family planning funding, we cut down on the size of the bill and didn’t put in nearly enough transportation infrastructure spending. We passed a worse bill because Obama wanted a bipartisan bill. Well, here’s what happened: President Obama got punked.

In a post about cutting out family planning funds, I compared Dems to the kid in high school who does the popular girl’s homework in the hope that she’ll go to prom with him. Come prom night, he’s in his basement watching X-Files and eating pizza while she goes to the dance with a football player. Here’s what I don’t get: Democrats are now the cool kids. President Obama is extremely popular and we’ve got a big enough majority that we don’t even need any of their damn votes. If it’s going to pass by roughly the same margin either way, why not pass a bill that works instead of some watered-down inoffensive drivel.  No one likes Republicans any more. They’re struggling to decide which offensive racist to put in charge of a party that’s going to lose even more seats in 2010. What’s actually frightening is that the stimulus might very well not work because of these compromises.  

Hopefully next comes a little retribution. I want to see what a vengeful President Obama can do.