After all the flack PETA has gotten for its sexist ad campaigns, one would think they’d cool it. One would be wrong. Here’s their rejected superbowl ad:

That’s sort of, well, creepy. I’m trying to imagine their communications strategy meetings:

Hippie White Guy 1: What if we did something about sex? 
HWG 2: People do like sex…
HWG 1: Hmmm, sex and vegetarians…
HWG 3: Everyone likes hot women
HWG 2: Can we combine those?
HWG 3: How about hot women … having sex … with vegetables?
HWG 1: Brilliant
HWG 2: Hot 

I don’t have anything against vege-heads. I do have something against sexists. I don’t care if they’re vegetarian sexists. So to paraphrase Vast Aire of Cann Ox, “If you don’t like the smell of burning meat [and create terrible sexist ads], well then get the fuck off the planet.”